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Digital Locks – Convenient Keyless Entry

Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry with a digital lock. Digital locks are door or gate locks than can be opened with a keypad PIN code instead of a key. Many modern digital locks can also be opened with a card, fob and some even with your mobile phone.

Why choose a digital lock?

There are many reasons why you should consider upgrading to hassle free digital locks keyless entry including:

✔ you don’t want to carry a key

✔ tired of losing your keys – you lose or misplace your keys a lot

✔ convenience and ease of sharing the code with other occupants, trades, service people and/or family members without having to provide a physical key

✔ issuing keys may not be practical or economical for businesses or large organisations if hundreds of keys need to be produced. A digital lock allows you to circulate code(s) easily.

What are the options?

There are multiple digital lock options, so think about what you want the lock to do and the features you need and we’ll suggest the best solution to meet your requirements.

Mechanical Digital Locks

uses no batteries and can be opened by a PIN code only.

Electronic Digital Locks

can be battery powered and most have more features like card or fob access and some offer additional features like bluetooth and wifi connections and can be referred to as smart locks. Benefits can include the ability to open the lock remotely while offsite or set a time and date function to allow a PIN code to only be active for a period of time which is great for Airbnb situations.

Hard Wired Digital Locks

recommended for commercial or high use doors, a hard wired solution like an electric strike or maglock with keypad or fob reader is the best option. These types of systems handle high use with more reliability. Systems used and recommended include Rosslare, Neptune, FSH, Padde and Salto.

A small selection of digital locks we use and recommend

There are literally dozens of options with digital locks, so think about what you want the lock to do and the features you need and we’ll suggest the best solution to meet your requirements. Stewart Locksmiths only uses quality products, a small selection of common digital locks with prices based on Melbourne metro area during business hours & working timber door:
Lockwood 001 Touch is a battery operated deadlatch that combines a digital touch screen with the security of the Lockwood 001.Pin code or card option means you never have to carry keys again! Great for front doors when strength and convenience are required.Upgrade kit available which means you can upgrade your existing deadlatch and save $$$

Supplied and Installed

Touch LED Keypad for code entryRFID card or NFC mobile phone entryKey override entry using common front door keys – can even be keyed to your restricted ‘do not copy’ keyCan replace existing deadbolts or entrance knob / lever sets.1 Hour Fire Rated (Leverset)Black or SilverGreat for businesses – storerooms or other internal doors

Supplied and Installed from

dormakaba’s new M5 digital door lock is great for apartments as it uses the Australian standard mortice lock, meaning you can change to a full featured digital lock without compromising your fire door rating.The dormakaba M5 is an attractive digital lock that can be opened via: PIN, an RFID Card/Fob, a key or a Smart phone via Bluetooth. PIN codes can be generated for a visitor/short term stay guest according to specific time periods. These can then be shared via multiple methods of media, such as email or text messages.

Supplied and Installed

The Danalock V3 from Salto is a motorised smart lock that attaches to the internal side of a standard deadbolt, meaning passerby’s do not even know its there.The Danalock V3 senses your presence and knows when to lock and unlock the door, and can be opened with an app on your phone.Access can be shared with friends via an app.Can be interated to Z-wave or Zigbee home automation systems.Made by Salto, a industry leading in electronic locking.

Supplied and Installed


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