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When Should you ReKey or Change your Locks?

While it’s a given that you want to ensure your property is secure, it’s not always obvious whether you should install new locks throughout your home or commercial property or simply rekey the existing locks.

Why Should you Update your Locks?

Moving into a new property

It’s advised that when you move into a new home or work premise to update the locks. This ensures that any previous residents or people such as tenants, trades and guests with access to keys can no longer enter your property.

It provides important piece of mind, after all, you don’t know how many keys are circulating out there!

Lost a key

If you’ve misplaced or lost a key and you’re concerned it can be traced back to your property, you’ll want to update your locks to ensure it’s safe and your contents are secured.

Too many different locks

If your property has several locks requiring different keys, it’s possible to update the locks to allow you the convenience of only needing a single key. No more carrying around multiple keys!

ReKeying vs Changing Locks / New Lock Installation

Changing your locks refers to installing a new lock. Whereas rekeying your locks refers to changing the internal components of the existing cylinder, so the existing key no longer works, and a new key becomes the only working key.

Rekeying your locks will be the cheaper option as you’re not paying for new hardware. Therefore, there’s no need to install new locks unless your locks are damaged, or you’d like to change the appearance of the locks you currently have.

The Cost to Rekey Locks

Stewart Locksmiths charges $50 per lock plus a $90 call out fee *Cost is based on business hours of Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm. After hours is available – call for a quote.

South Yarra based Locksmith

We’re based in South Yarra and service surrounding suburbs.

Read more Tips or complete the Get an Estimate form or call Ben 0468 433 988 to book in a time to update your locks.

Business Owner & Locksmith

Ben is the owner of Stewart Locksmiths as well as being a certified and trusted locksmith with 30+ years experience working in the security industry.

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